You're here to Make space for 4 more women to preach this year.


Thank you for being an advocate and committing to making room for called and gifted women of God to preach the word. 


Let's get started!


We believe the church can do more to allow more women in the pulpit. By following the steps below you can help make that happen.

We've made it easy for you.


1. Join the movement

Help us reach our goal of 250 churches committing to #fourmore.


2. Reach out

Connect with women pastors we send your way or put the word out in your area that you'd like to get in touch.


3. Share

Spread the #FourMore spirit by sharing photos of women in the pulpit on social media. Be sure to use the #FourMore hashtag.


4. Repeat

Start the process over! Keep the momentum going and give women more space to spread God's word.





Thank you for joining the movement! 

Together we can make a tangible difference in making room for women to live out their call to ministry.


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